1. Participation in DAO and Alpha

At Digital Dudes, we're revolutionizing the way we make decisions by adopting a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and we'd love for you to join us on this exciting journey. Investing in our NFTs means you're supporting a modern and efficient equity-based, allowing each participant to have an equal say in shaping the future of the project. To accomplish this, we will be creating a DAO-based project with various roles available (Community Managers, Alpha Hunters/Callers, Collab Managers, Moderators) for participants that want to be involved in our project.

Our holders will have access to new areas within the Discord for exclusive alpha calls from professionals in the space, fun/interactive events, giveaways and much more; including, but not limited to.

  1. Access to Digital Dudes history

Every project should have a story that fully describes each stage and step of creation. That's why we decided to write our own manga about Digital Dudes, which will reveal to you all the most interesting and funny moments of our project, and also you will be able to learn more about these Dudes and their future adventures. Stay Tuned!

  1. Raffels and Giveaways

We will never stop providing our project participants with interesting and exciting events. By working closely with various influential projects in our home Solana Blockchain we will provide a constant flow of valuable prizes from our friends and partners to organize private events.

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